Great Dunmow Litter Pick

A big thanks to Ed Matthews, our Essex rep for organisation a litter pick under the bridge at Great Dunmow. Volunteers from All Terrain working alongside GLASS volunteers and a local resident cleared a huge amount of rubbish, which by arrangement with the local council, was then transferred to a suitable location for pickup by the Council’s waste team.



Dorset Reps Appointed

All Terrain UK is pleased to announce that we now have two new reps for the county of Dorset:-
Graham G Mathews -West
Tom Bayford-East

These two guys come with a wealth of knowledge and information regarding Dorset and beyond, have Great contacts in their local councils and ROW departments.
They run regular trips and are willing to help with routes etc

For the uninitiated there’s a huge network of tracks that can be driven through the beautiful countryside there including some spectacular sea views etc.

Please welcome them to the All Terrain Team!



Wales – 2018

The Journey over to Wales

We left Cambridge services at around 10:15, myself five minutes earlier because I was meeting with Katherine and Alex at Kettering. After moving some stuff from their car into my fridge we eventually caught up with everyone else at hopwood services on the M42.
Traffic had been a little heavy due to roadworks but nothing too horrendous.
After a lovely “Harry Ramsdens” fill up we set off on the second half of our journey.
Our convey now consisted of
Andy Sanders
Nick Nash
Candice Pither
Darren Southernwood
Graham Toomey
Darren Roberts
Alex Chambers
Me! (Kirk)
Lawrence Batters
A short hop down the M5 then the long cross country journey heading west to builth wells
Apart from getting split at one point the journey went well and most importantly the rain held off so once we arrived we could strike camp in the dry.
From memory and in no particular order in addition to the people mentioned earlier we had
Kev, George,Steve, Steve’s mate, Stuart, and Lee. Apologies if I’ve missed anyone out.
After a barbecue and drinks we headed to bed at around midnight.

Day one-Saturday
We left in thick fog/clouds with a drizzly rain but after a couple of hours or so the sun broke through and we laned until about 6, that way we’d be back at camp for about 7.
We were doing the “east” route and encountered a couple of problems, one tree down and one lane impassable due to deep ruts

Day two “West” including strata Florida and the reservoir.
The day started worse than the day before, almost as soon as we left the rain started and it got steadily worse until it was a deluge, but almost as quick as it started it stopped and after about midday the sun came out and it was a warm beautiful day. We drove the lanes around llandrovery then struck north so we could enter soar mynodd from the west.
A fantastic track that starts low down then climbs extremely steeply to a plateau, once at the end a short sharp rocky drop to the chapel at the bottom which is ideal for lunch because it’s got a carpark, river, chapel with toilet and is in a beautiful spot, only about 5 miles from the west end of strata.

Once we finished at the chapel we headed off to strata which as usual didn’t disappoint, for the uninitiated strata has a little of everything, if driven without any stopping or holdup takes around an hour and a half, it has numerous water crossings, rock climbing, forest,open Moreland and spectacular views.
Our crossing took a little longer because we stopped for a leg stretch and a field repair on Alex’s cooling fan.
Once completed we hooked back up with Andy Sanders group for the reservoir section which at this time of the day was truly spectacular, despite the amount of times I’ve driven this I think this was the best, millpond smooth and sun setting-fantastic!

We finished by parking on the dam and took time for a chat and some photos
By now we realised that we needed to strike for home because it would be 10pm at least before we got there.
After a lovely Chinese from town and a few we’ll earned drinks we retired for bed.
Monday morning brought a late start, full English breakfast and breaking camp followed by a Great trip home in glorious sunshine
A short couple of stops and a final fuel up!

I’m really pleased with the weekend, we’ve received no complaints whatsoever and lots of positive comments throughout.
I’d like to say a special thanks to “team Pearson” who from the start really were a team, despite my reservations concerning children Lees family were an absolute pleasure to be with, Stuart and Sharon were unfazed at anything and Alex was in his element helping out whenever he could
Katherine who sorted the food and last but not least Charley and Rueben who did lots of gates and drink making!

A genuine heartfelt thanks to everyone who made this trip possible and look out for next years dates!

Kirk Pearson – Chairman – All Terrain UK


Strata Florida ferry….

From Tim Espley, LowRangers 4×4

“Traveling along Strata Florida with the lowrangers club we encountered a group of 3 walkers that had traversed the mountain footpath and had now got themselves into a position of either, walking back the way they came, or risk the river crossing ( that was not a option with the flow being too much ).

 After having a chat with them  ( they were concerned about any damage it may cause my vehicle ) I agreed to load them into my vehicle and reverse back across to allow them to cross, they were very grateful and full of smiles taking photos as I returned back to the group on the other side. A good example of room for everyone on the lanes without any animosity I think.”

Aventure Overland Show

If you havent already committed to joining ATUK for our first show ever, then now is the time to book it in your diaries! (Weekend of 27/28/29 April 2018)

West Midland Rep Appointed

All Terrain UK are pleased to announce the appointment of our new West Midlands representative Daniel Evans who will be covering the counties around Birmingham and Coventry to name but a few.

“Dan” has attended most of the Shropshire meets with Marc Rue and has lots of enthusiasm to expand into his “own” area too so please feel free to contact him for anything. He can be contacted by email at …

Please feel free to approach All Terrain UK if you feel you would like to be part of the team too!

Green Lane Awareness Day

On the 6th of July, the All Terrain Team, with kind permission from The Forestry Commision, ran their first ever Green Lane Awareness workshop.

The event was run at the side of a byway in Kings Forest, with the idea of chatting with other byway users as they passed, and to be able to provide help and advice. It was also a good oppotiunity to test the use of the newly purchased event shelter and banners.

During the day we encounterd horse riders, cycists, motorcyclists and other 4×4 users.